Monday, February 13, 2012

The Phrontistery

For all of you word lovers --

I recently came across a really cool compendium of old and/or obscure English words that I wanted to share:

A sampling from the site:
alabandical adj 1656 -1775
barbarous; stupefied from drink
His behaviour after the party was positively alabandical.

alogotrophy n 1753 -1853
excessive nutrition of part of body resulting in deformity
Was he born with that huge head, or is it the result of alogotrophy?

brochity n 1623 -1678
projecting or crooked quality of teeth
His parents later regretted that they did not correct his brochity in his youth.

Unfortunately neither IPA/pronunciations nor etymology is included for the words, but if you're curious and able to access the Oxford English Dictionary Online, perhaps it also contains some of these wonderful terms.

- Hannah

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