Friday, May 15, 2009

SquibFest is Today!

This semester, we have three Masters Students graduating in Linguistics, and 1 Undergraduate graduating in Language Studies. Today, in HUM Rm. 102, 2-5pm we will be celebrating their success with a graduation celebration and SquibFest presentations. Titles for two of today's presentations are below; the 3rd will be announced at SquibFest:

Good: A Range Marker in American Discourse

"I so got my ass kicked": a lexical semantic analysis of SO

Abstracts for all three presentations will be permanently featured here on the LGSA blog, to be posted soon.

We look forward to today's presentations and hope all interested linguists and SFSU students can make it!


Dave Malinowski said...

Hi Fledglings! Thanks for your comment on our blog across the bay! :) I hope the SquibFest went well.

Apologies for the lack of email contact...hope to be so (???) in touch soon!

p.s. did anyone talk about (what seems to me at least) the change in English from "Thank you very much" as a typical expression of thanks in everyday discourse to "Thank you so much"?

Kim Witten said...

SquibFest was fantastic, thanks for asking!

We didn't actually talk about "Thank you very/so much", but that is an excellent and relevant point! I will definitely pass the info along.

I will also be posting abstracts from all five of last Friday's presentations soon. Very cool stuff to share!

DiepThoughts said...

I haven't read this in a while, but you might want to check out Taglamonte, S. & C. Roberts (2005). "So wierd; so cool; so innovative: the use of intensifiers in the television series 'Friends'." Among other things, they talk about how the rate of the use of SO has gone up.