Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Call for Abstracts: Squibfest and/or Online Showcase

Have some work you'd like to share? Here are two opportunities for you:
  • SquibFest is May 15th. We will be collecting abstracts until May 13th. If you are interested in preparing a short 10-15 minute presentation of your work, please let us know! You do not need to be a graduate or in the Linguistics Masters program at SF State, but your work does need to be related to linguistics. Graduating seniors in the Ling MA program will get first priority and may present any or all of their Squibs. Graduation party to follow the presentations. Food and drinks will be provided. More details to come.

  • Submit your Abstract to our Online Showcase, here at the LGSA Fledgelings blog. Please prepare a summary of your paper, 250 words or less, and include your name, date, paper title, dept. name, and any other relevant info. All formats accepted. Please email us at Fledgelings@gmail.com if you're interested. We will contact you to discuss your submission before it appears on the blog.
If you've attended either of the successful Squib Sessions, you have already heard a bit about the fascinating work that has come out of SF State this semester. We have topics ranging from phonology and sound symbolism to metaphor and pragmatics, and addressing fields such as environmentalism, religion, politics, dating, and work environments. We look forward to hearing more at the upcoming event and hope that you will attend!

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