Friday, March 13, 2009

Squibs, the linguistic kind.

"In linguistics, squibs may outline anomalous data but not suggest a solution. A squib may also develop a minor theoretical argument. A particularly interesting variety of squibs are the so called snippets, which are 'the ideal footnote: a side remark that taken on its own is not worth lengthy development but that needs to be said'." [via Wikipedia]
Here at SF State, squibs are the pinnacle of the Linguistics Masters program. Final semesters are spent devoting to squib-work, resulting in three original papers, spread across distinct sub-fields of linguistics. 15-minute squib 'defenses' are presented to your advisory panel, at the end of your last semester.

This semester, the dept. is fortunate to have at least 8 graduate students working on squibs! This is impressive due to the sheer size of the Linguistics Masters Program at SFSU – we're pushing about ~20 students en totale; to be reckoned with. In anticipation and celebration of this, the LGSA has planned three Squib Sessions (as well as SquibFest, the party to honor it all) to help both graduating linguists and continuing students prepare and improve their work.

We welcome everyone to come and contribute!

We would like to open and close each session with a short free-for-all discussion (about 20 minutes for each), and then divide the rest of the time up between those who are actively working on their squibs. During your time, the entire group will be focused on helping you, at whatever stage your squibs are at. It's your time to do whatever you would like!

Food and beverages: YES! The LGSA will be providing a few things to snack on and drink, but we welcome any and all additions to the impromptu buffet table. It is not necessary that you bring something, but it sure makes people happy.

If you have any questions, please email us at fledgelings at gmail dot com. Especially if you would like to attend and need special equipment (we can obtain projectors, etc. if you request them in advance).

We look forward to seeing you next Friday!

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