Monday, January 5, 2009

Social events and the LSA!

**** UPDATED Tuesday the 6th with pre-LSA-meeting place and time ****
Since there are quite a few of us that are volunteering and/or attending this week's LSA Meeting, it'd be great to get together and socialize, network, talk linguistics, and enjoy food and drinks!

If you are attending the meeting and would like to get in on the festivities, please leave a comment on this post. You don't have to have any account to comment; you can do so anonymously (just leave your name in the post so we know who you are!)
The LSA preliminary program shows that the Graduate Student Panel will take place this Friday, January 9th, from 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm. Afterwards there will be a Student Mixer from 9:30 pm — 11:30 pm.
If that's not enough for you, there will also be a LGSA Fledgelings pub night on Monday evening, possibly including a Pub Quiz if there's interest (click here for Mon. night Pub Quiz locations). Place and time to be determined; all suggestions welcome.
And if that's STILL not enough linguistically fascinating social interaction, and you want to don your wordnerd hat early, we could meet up before the conference begins as well...say, 2:30-3:00ish at Emporio Rulli Café (map) near the Hilton Hotel (the Urban Tavern is next door, and might be fun, although possibly a bit pricey)? We're open to all suggestions!

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Directions: Emporio Rulli Caffe is very easy to get to from BART. Get off at Powell St. Station, walk up Powell st. for 4 short blocks, following the cable car tracks, past Union Square. Then take a right on Post and the Cafe will be about 1/2 way down the block on the left. It's also 4 blocks from the Hilton. Just go back down Post and take a left on Mason. The hotel is on the corner of Mason and O'Farrell. It's a glorified coffee house with light food and lots of desserts. Price range is mostly $3-10.
So please comment below if you would like to attend one of these events, or if you are going to the LSA meeting and just want to let us know you'll be there. (If you don't want to comment publicly, you can always drop Heather, Noah or Kim an email at Fledgelings at

There is also a discussion thread about the LSA on our Google Groups Discussion Board. That is a private group, just for us to chat.

This post will be updated as event details are worked out.


Anonymous said...

I'm in for all three, go me!
-Kim W.

Neal said...

I think I'll hit up the pub night and the social mixer thing.



Anonymous said...

Great Neal! More updates on those events to come.

Mariana Abdala Howard said...

Is anyone attending LSA Friday in the morning? I would love to catch up with some former colleagues. I will also be around Saturday afternoon/ early evening.
-Mariana Abdala
Class of 2008 MA Ling.