Friday, April 20, 2007

Graduation Ceremony/Squibfest

The Linguistics Graduate Student Association is preparing it's annual Graduation Ceremony/Squibfest!

This is an exciting event in which certificates are given to all individuals graduating from the MALing, MATESOL, or undergraduate Language Studies programs. In short, you get to "walk" without wearing one of those silly hats.

In conjunction with the graduation event, we will be holding this semester's Squibfest. The Squibfest is an opportunity for anyone who has completed a language/linguistics related paper to present their findings to their peers. It is a wonderful opportunity to practice your presentation skills and to get feedback from people who actually know what you're talking about.

In order to have a successful event, we need three simple things from YOU.

1. Help us choose a date! Go to and select all dates that you could attend. The entire event will be approximately 2.5 hours and will be held in the Humanities building.

2. Tell us who is graduating! This one is important. If we don't know who is graduating, how can we reward them for all their hard work? If you or someone you know is graduating from one of the aforementioned programs this semester, please send the name and program to:

3. Present! We need presenters. Dust off your favorite old paper or pull out something the you plan to present at an upcoming conference, and test it out on us. An audience of eager peers is always kinder than an audience of unknown, competitive academics. We'll be nice. I promise. It should be noted that all those in the MALing program are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to present at least once before they graduate. For some of you this may be your last opportunity. Please send your name and a really really brief abstract to:

I guess we need one more thing: Help us consume all the amazing snacks and beverages that will be provided FREE OF CHARGE at the event.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Jason Fraser

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