Thursday, March 15, 2007

3rd Brown Bag Discussion Wed. 21st

Next Wednesday we will round out our series of articles on functionalist syntax with Frederick Newmeyer's 2003 Language article "Grammar Is Grammar and Usage Is Usage".

This article addresses many of the questions we've brought up in previous meetings about how a generativist might respond to some of the functionalist critiques we've considered.

As always, it will be held at noon in the Graduate Reading Room on the fifth floor of the Humanities building.

This will probably be our last syntax discussion this semester. The next (April 4th) meeting will have a psycholinguistic focus. If you have any suggestions for recent articles in that field, please let me know.

Also, don't forget that our next brown bag lecture is coming up on Thursday, March 29th at 1pm. Details here.

Alan H.

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Jones said...

Ach, midterms! Sorry I can't make it to the very last of the syntax discussions today. :(