Saturday, February 24, 2007

First brown bag meeting a raging success

We held our first brown bag meeting last Wednesday and it was great. About 8 people showed up to discuss Joan Bybee's article on functionalist grammar. We discussed her model's strengths and weaknesses, the nature of its challenge to generative grammar, language evolution, and all kinds of things.

So, we need to find an article to read for next time. I'd like to have this decision made by next Wednesday, so everyone has time to read it. Now that comments work properly, please leave comments here with any recommendations.

Alan H.

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Anonymous said...

this link from Lingua seems to have some interesting articles, the first one especially interested me. As far as the debate on identity that was discussed as a possible reading I found an article by Cameron called "Relativity and its discontents: Language, gender and pragmatics" that might be interesting.

Anyway just some ideas for now.